AATIN HOMES - Homes born out of Civil Engineering

We, are a Company promoted by Civil Engineers, hence, ACEPL is naturally oriented towards optimal utilization of Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture in Small Home building.

We at AATIN HOMES consider Safety & Strength, Utility and Aesthetics in this order of priority while planning for the Small Homes. Here, we adhere to the BIS standards, get the futuristic Materials and Methods of Construction and remain eager for innovation and economy in Engineering, Design, Planning and Architecture of our Homes.

The order of priority has been carefully settled because serving LIG and EWS section of the society is our priority. We are committed to making Good Homes available and affordable to our working community, striving to give the highest value for money.

At the Core, a House, however simple it might be, is built on the principles of Civil Engineering and Architecture and we are in the perpetual quest for its improved economy, efficiency, utility and strength through advances in Engineering and Architecture. 

The Three Aspects in a Building

A Building is constructed with a sense of Utility and though the Beauty is desirable yet the strength is of utmost importance for the safety of its occupants and users.

Understanding that the three main aspects in planning of a Building, The Strength of the building has to be suitable to its purpose and use, The Utility or Usefulness of the building towards its purpose and The Aesthetics or the beauty of the Building from inside and outside.

Standard Materials & Methods

Appropriate BIS Codes for the strength, the material properties, expected loads, methods of construction, minimum spaces and dimensions etc., prescribe the standards for Buildings. The use of these Codes is regulated by law and is a must for achieving proper strength, comfort, safety and usefulness for the users meanwhile good Architecture ensures beauty and enhances utility and comfort for its users and surroundings.

Various organizations and bodies are designated by the Govt. e.g BMTPC, Local Engineering and Social Authorities etc. to certify the safety, strength and usefulness of the buildings; the materials and methods used in their construction and their effect on surroundings.


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