Structural Design and Project Support


Deptt. of Civil Engineering. IIT Madras, Chennai has consented to provide the Structural Design and Project Support for all our Buildings constructed using the much researched GFRG Wall Panels.

IIT Madras, Department of Civil Engineering, under Dr Devdas Menon and Dr Mehar Prasad has guided pioneering Research in the use of GFRG Wall Panels as structural members in a building.

Quality GFRG Panels Produced in India


 M/s FRBL, Kochi, a joint venture of Fertilizers and Chemicals, Travancore Ltd., Kochi and Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd, Mumbai, both GOI PSUs, shall provide the much researched GFRG Wall Panels.

Rashtriya Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. is another Producer of GFRG Wall Panels.

We have been receiving lots of encouragement and support from the CEOs and staff of M/s FRBL, Kochi, and RFL, Mumbai. 

BMTPC Certified GFRG Wall Panels

 BMTPC -  Building Materials Testing & Promotion Council, New Delhi, under Ministry of   Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, GOI is  the only body authorised to certify and allow use of Construction materials for Housing Construction.

The materials used in our Projects do have Certification by BMTPC. Besides the GFRG Wall Panels, have higher standards to follow compared to conventional materials and GFRG Panels have been observed to fare better as per test reports.

Engineering Innovation leads us

Adhiyaman College of Engineering, Hosur, Tamilnadu is a Technical Business Incubator, Supported by Deptt. Of Science & Technology, GOI for Development of Enterpreneurship through Incubation.

We, the ACEPL has been accepted as Technical Business Incubatee under the DETI @ ACE program. We shall be benefited through Governmental Recognition, Mentoring, Engineering guidance and Experimentation support for our development and Engineering innovation effort by the DETI@ACE.

Efficient ‘Nature’ Architecture


The Architects and Project Planners are the soul of any Housing Project. The efficiency of the Project Planning reduces maintenance cost of living by utilization of natural light, air and conservation of water.

Under the able guidance of Senior and experienced Architects, we have a focus on conservation of Nature and Environment by utilizing the unprocessed Bounties of Nature, with respect for Personal spaces while need for co-operative living.

Specialized Quality Construction.


M/s Aatin Civil & Energy Pvt. ltd, Bangalore, Professionally Managed, is the Construction Agency using all the latest, approved and specialized Materials and Methodology for Construction of the Project, using the much researched GFRG Wall Panels.

M/s ACEPL  also works on construction of Multiple Buildings and Mass Housing using GFRG Wall Panels.

A Modern Construction Technology accepted Worldwide

Fire Resistance


Deptt. of Civil Engineering. IIT Madras, Chennai has conducted tests to prove the tremendous Stability of GFRG panels in Fire and hence a sfety and security boon.

GFRG Panels are reinforced


 M/s FRBL, Kochi, a PSU, is producing GFRG Panels with inbuilt reinforcement. The material for reinforcement is high strength Glass Fibre Roving.

BMTPC Certified GFRG Wall Panels

GFRG Panels Plant


GFRG Panels are Produced and cut in computerized Plants. GFRG Panels, being factory made have consistency in quality and finish.

GFRG makes beautify Homes


It is possible to produce beautiful, Strong, Economical and Eco-friendly homes of all shapes and sizes.