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AATIN - Our Strength and Aspiration


AATIN - 'Almighty's Action Time Is Now'.

We don't want to name the Supreme power, the Almighty, yet we invoke blessings of this Supreme Power to help us make life a little better, through our professional work, for all those we are able to reach.

May the Supreme Being, help us all make this world a better place to be in and help us succeed in performing our duties.

Our Mission at ACEPL

Our Mission :

We are frightened by the regular news of collapsing buildings and the Environmental degradation. Knowing that Construction alone is responsible for 30-40% of the environmental damage on this Spaceship Earth, we felt compelled to do something for both of these man made yet controllable disasters.

We have set ourselves out to bring in Strong, Earthquake safe, Environment friendly, fast yet economical construction technology for use in construction of Houses.

In meeting our objective, we use our Engineering knowledge, innovation and R&D to get the best and most suitable tested and approved Technology for the House construction. 

ACEPL Vision

Our Vision:

We believe in 'Circular Economy', hence  our objective is to generate minimum wastage, reduce consumption of virgin materials, use with an objective of future reuse and improvement without wastage. We also keep a keen watch on the Energy content of the materials used in our construction and try to use materials which are manufactured using lesser amount of energy.

We are also working on WECWN (Water, Energy, Carbon and Waste Neutral) Habitats. WECWN habitats try to neutralise their negative impact on the environment within the premises, thus posing no burden on the environment at large.



Rakesh pp1Rakesh Kasba, a Civil Engineer of 1985 Batch from NIT, Srinagar, with MBA in Operations, PG Dip in Financial Management, Project Management and an experience of 28 years in the field of Civil Construction and Project Management. He has worked on very large Civil Engineering Projects worth above INR 1000 Crs to INR 5000 Crs. After serving in the Govt. Sector for 21 years upto the rank of DGM, he joined Private Sector as Project Manager of Large Civil Engineering Projects since 2009.

Rakesh Kasba is the Founder Director of M/s Aatin Civil & Energy Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

The Company has started on providing the 'AATIN HOMES' - Green Homes for a Million Hearts, using the IIT-M promoted, Strong against Earthquakes,Eco-friendly and Economical New Construction Technology, almost a Civil Engineering breakthrough in Building Construction.

We advise every Home buyer or user to be  Quality conscious about Materials, Methods, Processes and Certifications involved in their Civil Engineering Product i.e the House. The Certifications, Approvals and Clearances must be confirmed before buying of a House. Quality and Excellence in Civil Engineering must be ensured and is a must because our life depends on it.

Business & Strategy Adviser

Mr Gopal Rao has had a long career of over 30 years of International experience across continents in America, Asia and Africa. His experience covers, Corporate & Project Finance, and Business Development and Business Strategy. He worked in various senior positions in USA, Singapore and Nigeria.

He was the Director & President, International Business at H & M Inc, California, USA, Group Vice President at Continental Chemical Corporation Ltd, Singapore, Managing Director of Ranson Pte Ltd, Singapore, CEO of Firstchem Ltd, Lagos Nigeria and Group Financial controller at Churchgate Group in Lagos, Nigeria.

He was actively involved in developing Intermediate Chemicals  business in South East Asia, setting up a project in Malaysia, Corporate and Project Finance,   arranging both short term and long term  funds for projects and in M&A activities.

Mr. Gopal Rao is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore  and holds Chemical Engineering  degree from Annamalai University Tamilnadu. 

Mr Gopal Rao is actively involved in M/s Aatin Civil & Energy Pvt. Ltd. as Business and Strategy Adviser.

Legal Adviser

Rego inspection1Adv. L.P.E Rego,  B.A (Hons), L.L.B , Gold Medalist from Christ College Bangalore, the proprietor of M/s Rego & Rego Advocates belongs to a lineage of rich tradition in Legal Profession.  

Following his rich tradition of absolute responsibility, right from inspecting the location and interviewing the stakeholders, he makes everything sure before ACEPL is allowed to enter into a deal.

Nature Architect

Our plans in Architecture are in fact works of Nature love. 

True to AATIN Civil's Architectural calling, we iar out to utilize the bounty of nature to the fullest, be it natural light or the breeze or the shades, we have to make the ACEPL Projects, the AATIN HOMES acts of art and natural bounty.

Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries

logo-Companiesinn-11C.A Jyolsana George  is our Chartered Accountant and the Companiesinn.com through Mr Joby Chako provides us our Company Secretary Support.

We get the strength of authenticity and professional competence in our financial transactions through the worthy efforts of Ms Jyolsana George.


Tech. Business Incubator


Dr. S. Suresh Babu M.E, PhD in Civil Engineering, Chief Incubating Officer is at the helm at DETI@ACE, providing Technological, Infrastructural & Business support to ACEPL's efforts in Innovation and Validation.

In 2016, Registered as Technological Business Incubatee at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering under the Deptt. of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), GOI, ACEPL is recognized as StartUp vide Cert. No. DIPP980.

Compliances & Registrations

Aatin Civil & Energy Private Limited was incorporated on 1st of October 2013 with Registrar of Companies, Karnataka. We further  Got our PAN and TAN numbers in 2014.

We got Registration as Small Scale Industry in 2014 with Industries Department of Karnataka. We also got our VAT Registration and TIN Number in 2014.

All our Registrar of Companies Compliances are upto date. Our I.Tax returns are prompt and also our VAT compliances are up to date.