AATIN®Civil is a Govt. Recognized Start-Up in New-age Civil Engineering Construction, Innovation and

Pancha-Bhuta* Habitat Development.

Quality Homes

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We at AATIN®Civil have tried our best to build your House with utmost care and regard. AATIN®Homes are built as per the ISI Engineering standards and the materials used are also ISI standards or better.

The journey of AATIN®Homes start with Certifying of the Land title by our Company Legal Adviser in consonance with the local Bank Attorney.

We got some great Architects to get us the Best Value-for-money House Plans. The site is tested for Bearing Capacity. Both the Plan and Soil BC test report then goes to the Structural Designer for Design and drawings. The final drawings are then sent to the Factory for getting materials as per drawings, correct to a few millimeters.

Meanwhile the Foundation is built according to the Structural design. On receipt of the materials from factory, the wall and roof construction proceeds. We have a tie-up with a German Brand for water proofing and surface treatments at various stages of construction. After the structure is done to our satisfaction, the fittings, fixtures, Joinery, Surfacing etc. is completed using high quality branded products. We also record lab results for required works.

 We provide a structural Warranty of 25 years to your House along with documents related to Engineering and testing of materials used in the construction. Our Construction is Eco-friendly too. 


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 We have to get your trust before we build your House.

Do we know the reasons and the consequences of poor quality in Construction ?

Do we know the Engineering requirements of a Building which has to be strong and durable and give us protection and comfort for a 100 years and more ?

We are here to help you build your well Engineered Building at an Economical price with the help of Advances in Technology. Our Construction Technology, in addition to being the lowest in cost for a high quality certified construction technology is also Environment friendly.

We provide a structural Warranty of 25 years to your Building along with documents related to Engineering and testing of materials used in the construction.

Your Building is an object of Engineering and have tie-ups with the best Professionals in the field to get you the best. Our Construction is Eco-friendly too.  

R&D and Innovation

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AATIN®Civil has a strong commitment to working for Engineering excellence. Born out of a strong wish of the founders to usher in a breeze of modernity in the field of Civil Engineering in Housing Construction. 

Civil Engineering especially in the field of House Construction is lagging far behind, we have to hurry to keep pace with the advances in all other fields. The Burnt Bricks damage the Environment and it is difficult to monitor the quality of Concrete Blocks as also they are getting costlier with rise in cost of cement and other constituents.

AATIN®Civil in line with its commitment to R&D and Innovation in the field of Environmental friendly Construction and Habitat Development has been able to file 6 (Six) Patent applications so far. We are regularly adding innovations and are also creating tie-ups with reputed organisations. We have conducted more than 25 Experiments on the use of Urban Debris in making of concrete.

AATIN®Civil expects to use its many innovations to enhance the value, save the environment and make construction economical.

Pancha-Bhuta Aawaasam

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Pancha Bhoota or Pancha Maha-Bhoota, the five physical elements, is the group of building blocks, which, according to Vedic Hinduism are the basis of all cosmic creation. These elements converted to our day to day life are represented by the Solids or Earth, Water, Air, Energy or Fire and Nothingness or Space. 

The natural corollary is that these five elements are constant in the Universe and for a mini eco-sytem to be sustainable in the true sense, its Pacha-Bhuta must be internally balanced or self sufficient.

AATIN®Aawasam is working to create a mini-ecosystem, the Pancha-Bhuta Aawasam, with the help of the mini community of people who want to celebrate the goodness of living in a a balanced environment, participate in its building and let the world see that Human habitations can be non-invasive for the environment..

This creation of the Pancha-Bhuta Aawasam will set in a new era of real Sustainable Human Habitations, which can then be replicated everywhere.